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“We have always wanted a creek with a pond in our yard so we could enjoy the soothing sound of runner water and the serenading frogs. When we moved into our home, we planned to create that pond with a stream running across the back yard. We finally built it, but the visible pond liner along the top of the pond did not look as natural as we had hoped.

This spring, we decided to deepen our pond and looked for a way to hide the unsightly liner. To our surprise, there was only one product available, RocktoRubber ™ . With this product, rock could be mortared to the rubber liner and the finished look of our pond that we envisioned came to realization. Simply put, without RocktoRubber ™ , the pond would not have been as beautiful as it is now.

RocktoRubber ™ is an incredible product. Individual units are well designed, easy to use, and allow rock to continue into the pond, creating a natural appearance. We definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a pond design that hightlighs attractive rockwork without a visible rubber lining."

~Owners of the Goose Pond



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